Immigration Abogada | Alicia Perez, Esq.

As an attorney, my goal is to connect information and people. I want you to understand what is happening right now  in your case and how to move forward.  Immigration law is scary and complicated and always changing.  I want you to feel secure and empowered by my legal representation.

My office number is 210-284-4081.  Please leave a detailed message so I can call you as soon as possible.

I offer affordable services and flexible payment plans.

I offer legal help for the following types of cases:

  • Refugees seeking Asylum and Work Permits
  • Children with Immigration Court Cases
  • Children who have been neglected or abused by a parent
  • Mothers who have Immigration Court cases
  • Mothers who have been abused or who have been crime victims
  • LGBTQI children, parents and people who have Immigration Court or have been abused, crime victims, or want to file applications for loved ones.
  • All family and citizenship applications to USCIS including spouses, step-children, parents, siblings, and fiancé.

My consults are by phone and free.  If you have a case I can assist you with we will set up an appointment in my office to begin your case and answer all of your questions.

I provide free trainings and legal resources to community organizations and businesses who seek to understand more about current U.S. Immigration Law and Politics.  Please leave me a message about your group, your specific questions and concerns or legal needs, and the event at which you would like a speaker.

Office hours by appointment only. Call 210-284-4081.


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6690, San Antonio, Texas 78209

Office Address: 709 E. Quincy, San Antonio, Texas 78215

Phone: 210-284-4081

Fax: 866-372-0802

Licensed in Texas